Dear Josh,It’s very difficult to place the animal-animal, plant-animal, plant-bush relationship to your a system created by the people

Dear Josh,It’s very difficult to place the animal-animal, plant-animal, plant-bush relationship to your a system created by the people

Precious Lindsay,The latest Message board is more than simply a services range. Glance at the entire Subject areas checklist and you will look for records to possess Symbiosis and you can parasitism. You can also use the Lookup option and get a lot more references and advice.

Rudman, W.B., 2001 (Jan 24)ment on the Mutualism and symbiosis by Lindsay Jennings. [Content during the] Ocean Slug Message board. Australian Art gallery, Questionnaire. Supplied by

From: Sutha

I’m senior school college student out of Malaysia. I wish to know more about symbiosis one of kinds as much as us in more detail end up in i have got a venture so you’re able to hand-more than. Well i wish to understand the method and you may exemplory case of those kinds.

Dear Sutha,I am afraid I can not discuss symbiosis when you look at the great detail however, I can present you with a few examples receive between the sea slugs.

There are various examples in the wild regarding a few organisms located in intimate organization with each other. Biologists used supply names so you’re able to and identify specific instances away from ‘living together’ for example ‘symbiosis’ and you can ‘mutualism’ and you will ‘parasitism’ however, it has been difficult to understand in which one kind of organization ends up and something initiate. It’s probably best to remember such relationships as a key part away from an over-all continuum between free-way of living system you to definitely believe anyone else to own dinner, to help you two organisms that’ll not survive until he or she is usually along with her such as the algal and you will yeast components of lichens.

Before I get also challenging, there are a number of very good examples of whatever you basically name ‘symbiosis’ located within opisthobranchs.

• Some herbivorous sacoglossan ocean slugs, could keep the fresh chloroplasts about alga they eat real time and you will practical within authorities, in which they photosynthesise, creating glucose or other carbohydrates that slugs may use to own their unique diet.• Certain aeolid nudibranchs feast upon ocean anemones and you will softer corals and therefore have symbiotic one to-celled plants [zooxanthellae] within government. New aeolids ‘steal’ such zooxanthellae and maintain them alive within their individual authorities much like the sacoglossans.

If you have a go through the web page towards Solar Driven Water Slugs there was information on this type of animals and you can links with other profiles with an increase of information.

• For individuals who go through the photos on top of so it web page you will observe a few crustacea that can easily be found living towards ocean slugs.• Take a look at this new web page towards the Gymnodoris nigricolor which lifetime having fishes of your own Goby members of the family, dangling to, and you may apparently eaten its fins.

Also provide a look at the messages below yours about page. There clearly was more information and dialogue for the symbiosis there.


I’m an initial year pure investment technology college student. I was requested to type right up a small part towards the any of the about three kind of symbiosis . I wish to determine if you can render me you to or several examples of commensalistic symbiosis (where you to person in the connection pros therefore the most other was indifferent).

To begin with, each relationship is probable a little more and another you’ll find most likely advice hence straddle a number of the borders anywhere between various other ‘states’.

Evaluate both advice on top of the Symbiosis Page, which i envision satisfy your criteria, and study a few of the texts lower than. Also provide a go through the Solar power-powered Ocean Slugs Webpage. I’m not sure whether the matchmaking ranging from solitary-celled vegetation therefore the nudibranchs matches your class or perhaps not. Really don’t think we realize yet perhaps the zooxanthellae may survive once the free-living flowers.